Board rotation

The decision-making body of the Arctic SDI cooperation is the Arctic SDI Board. The Board consist of one Director General or deputy Director General from each of the MOU signatories which countries are members of the Arctic Council. The Board meets at least once a year.

From 2014 the Chair of the Arctic SDI Board will rotate following the cycle of the Arctic Council chair:

1 Feb – 31 Jan Chair Previous Chair Incoming Chair
2014       2015 Canada Iceland USA
2015       2017 USA Canada Finland
2017       2019 Finland USA Iceland
2019       2021 Iceland Finland Russia
2021       2023 Russia Iceland Norway
2023       2025 Norway Russia Denmark
2025       2027 Denmark Norway Sweden
2027       2029 Sweden Denmark Canada


The Executive Board consists of the previous Chair, the current Chair and the future Chair of the Board.  The Executive Board assists the Chair of the Board as a consultation body on decisions that need to be taken between Board Meetings.