Arctic SDI Metadata Catalogue


Arctic SDI Metadata Catalogue is a catalogue application that contains a variety of metadata records on spatially referenced datasets related to the Arctic region. It provides a powerful set of search tools that give the user a great opportunity to find, evaluate and access important data sources in the Arctic. The catalogue also provides a machine to machine Discovery Service API (OGC CSW).

Responsibilities The service is operated by the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority in the Arctic SDI cloud environment hosted by the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

Standards Compliance: OGC CSW API version 2.0.2 and ISO 19115/19139 metadata profiles.

Data Content: Metadata for datasets in the Arctic Region.

Access Information: The catalogue can be accessed directly by clicking the link below or through the Metadata Search tab in the Arctic SDI Geoportal.

Links Metadata Catalogue Catalogue Service API (Capability file)  
Metadata: Arctic SDI Gazetteer Service Metadata: Arctic SDI Topographic Basemap
  Metadata: Arctic SDI Cache
Metadata: Arctic SDI Geoportal
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