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Arctic SDI Gazetteer Service – a GeoLocator which is a gazetteer type of web service that has been originally developed in the European Location Framework (ELF) project and adapted to the needs of the Arctic SDI. The GeoLocator can be used for both geocoding and reverse geocoding.

Responsibilities: The service is operated by National Land Survey of Finland in the Arctic SDI cloud environment hosted by the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

Standards Compliance: The service follows Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Feature Service Gazetteer Application Profile (WFS-G) with added custom operations. The custom operations can be used for reverse geocoding that returns nearest name from the given coordinate point, and a fuzzy name search that returns nearest matches to the search string. The main output format of the service is GML 3.1.1 encoding. A GUI for the GeoLocator has been built into the Arctic SDI Geoportal. The service can output place name coordinates in any coordinate system defined in the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Registry.

Data Content: detailed place name information collected from most of the countries in the Arctic region with full Arctic coverage as the goal. The current place name coverage in the GeoLocator is Canada, Finland, Kingdom of Denmark (Greenland and Faroe Islands), Iceland, Norway, Norwegian polar regions, Sweden and USA (Alaska). Work is in progress for adding the data from Russian Arctic areas to the GeoLocator.

Change and Release Management: Data updates are made on a manual basis once per year, or as needed. Gazetteer service functionality updates are synchronized with Geoportal functionality updates.

Access Information: The Gazetteer Search is open for use through the Search tab of the Arctic SDI Geoportal. Also access to the API is available without authentication.


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