Working Groups

Arctic SDI ToR

The Arctic SDI Board has decided to establish the following working groups:

  • Governance (Board, Executive Board, National Contact Points and the Lead Countries)
  • Secretariat for the Chair of the Board
  • Communication
  • Technical Activity Working Group
  • Cloud and Cascading Web Map Service
  • Arctic Geoportal
  • Arctic SDI Strategy 2015 – 2022
  • Operational Policies

1.1.Lead countries and support countries

The present status of the Arctic SDI cooperation is a voluntary cooperation between national mapping agencies. As such the resources necessary for the activities of the Arctic SDI are composed by voluntary contributions from the participating institutions with the recognition of different level of engagement.

The activities will be performed by lead countries joined by support countries unless otherwise agreed in implementing arrangements. This includes both administrative and technical activities and operations as well as development and strategic activities. The activities will be organized in working groups or otherwise.

A Lead Country has the responsibility for the operation and progress of the activity. The tasks within the activities can be divided between the Lead Country and the support countries and managed through meetings, web meetings and mail.

The lead countries refer to the Board. This includes the responsibility to report and submit documents and draft decisions to the Board, including compliance with deadlines and reflecting on the opinions expressed by the national contact points in the process of preparing the Board Meeting.

The necessary cross cutting coordination of activities and working group processes are performed by the lead countries through mail, web meetings and joint working group meetings thus facilitating the overall progress of the activities and contribution to the preparation of board meetings.