Video presentation at the Arctic Council SAO plenary meeting November 2020

Eydís Líndal Finnbogadóttir, chair of Arctic SDI participated in the Arctic Council SAO plenary meeting 17. – 19. November 2020. The main focus of her talk and video presentation was the importance of making Arctic Council Working Groups data available online in a standardized manner. That would increase the visibility of the Arctic Council work, while contributing to building, reliable publicly accessible database on geodata of the Arctic region.

The Arctic SDI

  • is willing to continue working with the Arctic Council and its Working Groups, to find a way to ensure that marine and land data from the Arctic is accessible to everyone.
  • would happily support the Arctic Council in developing policy on how to make the data, that is generated by the Working Groups, accessible to everyone.
  • urges the Arctic Council to formulate a joint policy on open access to Arctic Council geospatial data that will encourage reuse of data, innovation and the discovery of new challenges.

A Memorandum to Senior Arctic Officials November 2020 was sent in before the meeting describing the state of the Arctic SDI work.